Why are iPhone 13 phones selling less than iPhone 13 pro/pro max?

Feb 11, 2022
smart phone & technology
Why are iPhone 13 phones selling less than iPhone 13 pro/pro max?

Today I will talk about the iPhone 13 as per the market feedback, this thing is not selling as well compared to its pro siblings. As we all know that the iPhone is a fashion statement and people would rather spend more money and the best that Apple has to offer. And an even more funny thing is that most people are buying the Sierra blue variant of iPhone 13 pro max because that's the new color Apple introduced with the iPhone 13 series. The reason the iPhone 13 is not selling well is quite obvious, to be honest, that's because first for those who are seeking the best value iPhone this year the iPhone 13 well it does not offer one and secondly for those who have got all the money to spend they would rather get the pro variance. but if we take the iPhone pro, Max. But if we take a look at last year the difference between the iPhone 12 and the 12 pro max was not that huge. Both of them were pretty similar phones. But now after getting used to the 120-hertz refresh rate on the iPhone 13 pro max, the 60-hertz display on the iPhone 13 is a big big downgrade. I don't think that would have made that much of a difference. But trust me it did so apple should have at least offered a 90-hertz refresh rate. As a result, because of its standard 60-hertz display, the overall appeal of the iPhone 13 is not the same as the pro models.

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